Introducing our Maker of the Month Carol Brinton Thomas

Over the next few months we will be selecting a ‘Maker of the Month’ and discovering the inspiration behind their work and learning a bit more about their work.

I would like to introduce you to Carol Brinton Thomas a potter & artist from Saundersfoot, our maker for April.

When did you decide that you wanted to do pottery? I attended Art and Teachers training colleges in the 60’s with the intention of studying painting in all 2 dimension mediums but discovered clay, and so pottery and ceramic took priority.

In the 70’s I moved from the midlands to West Wales to set up a pottery studio and have been there ever since making ceramics.

From what do you draw your inspiration? My inspiration comes from nature, Pembrokeshire, tradition, whether it be in pottery or paintings eg. daffodils are the Welsh emblem, Celtic swirl decoration from the Celtic cross designs, cliff pots from the strata in the cliffs, swirl bowl from the swirling water round the rocks on the beach, scenic from the inshore islands or Preseli hills, villages from Pembrokeshire pretty houses.

Describe in brief the process of making the pottery. Pots are hand thrown on the wheel, then hand crafted motives are applied to each pot. These are then glazed in a variety of colours giving a quality finish.

Which other Pembrokeshire maker do you have on your personal wish list? I really like Mandy’s jewellery of Wireworks Silver Jewellery (see her work at and I like the work of the late Arthur Giardelli. I used to go to his studio once a month with some other artists to paint, he was still guiding us in our quest to capture what we saw up till the end, he was 98 when he died a few years ago. My daughter Rebecca Brinton was also one of his students and he influenced her a lot. She paints in a variety of mediums and also teaches art and often quotes him.

Thank you so much to Carol for sharing her pottery with us. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the inspiration behind the makers work and we hope you’ve enjoyed learing a bit about Carol Brinton Thomas’s pottery.

Have a look at her pottery in the spring section at

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