Unique Wedding Gift ~ Hand Forged Lovespoon

Are you looking for a unique gift to give to the bride and groom?

Our maker Mike Davies creates unique forged Love spoons from his forge in PembrokeshireP1020502

Inspiration for making the forged steel lovespoons developed from an idea, in 2002, of making an object from a single piece of steel. As a third generation blacksmith, the magical process of transforming shape by heating in the forge and hammering into its new form was the starting point. Having chosen and purchased a traditional hand carved wooden lovespoon with my wife, I selected the contemporary aspect of the chosen design and took it a stage further by changing the material.


I made the decision to eliminate the traditional symbols associated with the carved lovespoons, except for the heart. The fundamental design has changed very little and I continue to make using the original hand made tooling. However, the designs have become much finer and more recently new work has emerged with the lovespoons being burnt into and mounted on locally sourced wood. These tactile objects come to life when selected and purchased by an individual and become complete when presented to the recipient/s. They then become a reminder of a special event in their lives.

Single Lovespoon retail at £29.00 , shop now at www.pembrokeshirecreations.com


Double Forged Lovespoon retail at £49, shop now at



Hand Forged Lovespoon on wood retail at £90, shop now at http://www.pembrokeshirecreations.com/hand-forged-love-spoon-on-oak

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